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利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display - the main force of outdoor media

2019-02-22 191

      With the continuous improvement of the 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display technology level, the display effect continues to increase, and now 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display has become the main force of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 outdoor media. In fact, outdoor 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 large-screen media has not only been a pure advertising display platform, but also subtly realizes the dialogue with consumers.

      With the continuous improvement of the actual level of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 technology, the display effect has been continuously enhanced, and now 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display has become the main force of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 outdoor media. At present, the overall development of China's 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application industry has reached a certain level of scale, brand enterprises have grown rapidly, and the standardization and intensification of industrial development have emerged. At the same time as the domestic 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display continues to develop, 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application products have accelerated to the international market, occupying a certain international market, and basically formed a number of key enterprises with export business as the mainstay. Due to the many advantages and applications of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display, the development of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 upstream industry has obvious effects on the development of display application industry. The technology of 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application products has been continuously improved, the technology of the whole industry has been continuously improved, and the standardization and technical system of conventional products have basically taken shape. Some domestic enterprises have the engineering design and implementation capabilities of special 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display engineering and major 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application projects.

      China's 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display market is growing in size. In 2013, the national 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application market totaled 27 billion yuan. In 2014, benefiting from the development of small dot spacing products and advertising media market, the national 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application industry market sales scale has a new growth compared with 2013, the total market volume reached 30 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 10-15%. . In 2014, the export 利来w66老牌ag旗舰 display application products maintained a good momentum, and the total export value of display screens was estimated to be 5 billion yuan.